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Mega Matt Productions -

So you need a video made. We're Mega Matt Productions and we're the guys to do it.

We're an audio-video production house based out of Mankato, Minnesota. Here, we do it all: video production, web video marketing, TV production, training videos, and TV commercials. And the cool part- need to rent something? We can do that too.

Most truly effective marketing out there deals directly with your website, and over the years we've developed a niche for designing commercial web video. That means creating a product that's not only entertaining to watch but one that turns your website into a legitimate, full-fledged selling tool. Where we specialize is helping you harness the full potential of the most powerful marketing tool in existence: the internet.

From The Horse's Mouth
"Using this type of web marketing we were able to truly change people's perceptions about us before they even walked in the door." - Bill Stephens

Five Key Things We've Learned About Web Marketing
"Chicken Nuggets"
are bite-sized pieces of information. When
people are browsing the internet they're actually
consuming media. Don't make them bite off
more than they can handle!
 Emotional Journey
From the moment that somebody enters your website
to the time they leave, you need to take them on an
emotional journey. Take them through and make them
a part of the process - whatever the process may be -
and make that your emotional hook.
 Too Lazy to Read
Ten years ago the internet was all about displaying
information that had to be conveyed with text. Now that's
all different. Today the internet is a visual medium. Why
make someone read when you can just show them?
Keep it simple. Love eye candy.
 It's All in the Home Page
Nowadays people are too busy to sift and search. They
don't have time for it. That's why it's so important for you
to put everything your prospective client has to know on
the home page. Think of it as a 20,000 foot overview.
 Attention Span of a Pea
Most people's attention spans are pretty shor- oh, look!
Shiny! Grab your audience and communicate exactly
what you mean before you lose them.
Mega Matt Productions, video production, Mankato Minnesota, Minnesota, video, editing, Matt Weichmann, Weichmann Mega Matt Productions,  1745 Bassett Dr., Mankato MN 56001  |  507-382-7283
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