A video is effective when it does more than just sell.

A video is useful when it can help customers reach a decision on what to buy. A video is useful when it communicates your expertise, helping customers solve problems or learn something new. Most of importantly, a video is worthwhile when it is entertaining.

It is only worth putting a storyteller in front of a camera if they are an absolutely fantastic storyteller and they are worthy of being the star of the show. They need to have a look and personality that will engage audiences without the need for other visuals to support the telling of the story.

Putting a master storyteller in a video is a great way to share their gift with lots of people. Aside from master storytellers, online video really should be seen as an opportunity to visually tell a story; show your audience something they won’t be able to see anywhere else.  Click on the video to the right to see TED TALK presenter iO Tillett Wright shows how a personal tale can connect people to the meaning you want to portray.