To make your marketing materials sizzle. Don’t just deliver facts.      Product benefits alone won’t cut it.

You need to turn those facts into a story.

• The story must have a hero
• The hero must face adversity
• They must go on a journey
• They must be given a way out of their adversity
• They find a resolution and come out stronger


It's no longer enough to tell audiences that your product is great and that they should buy it.  With online video, storytelling style videos are becoming increasingly common for one simple reason; they work. Videos that tell an engaging story are more likely to be shared, liked and commented upon. They are therefore more likely to go viral and they will be remembered.

In an age when anyone can produce an online video, professional video marketers are using storytelling techniques to set themselves apart from amateur online video makers. Let'suncover stories about your businesses, which will allow your customers to connect with you on a deeper level. 

When working with clients who have less experience with video, their tendency is generally to want to use the video to say as much as they possibly can about their business. They don’t realize how quickly a viewer will switch off from being bombarded with information that isn’t necessary for them to hear. Storytelling is a fantastic solution to this problem. It is not only an interesting way to get a lot of information across; it is also a lot more concise. It can also bring out an emotional response more easily than a more practical explanation.