project timelines

Your time is valuable and so is your business, so at Mega Matt Productions we work extremely hard and efficiently to get your project created for your marketing purposes.  When Matt worked at an ad agency, he realized everything revolved around billable hours.  As a business owner, he realizes everything revolves around results. You'll be amazed at how many results can be produced in a day.


Shooting days are $1000 for Matt and his gear. Editing days are $500 for Matt. Additional crew members range from $300-500 a day. Most shoots do not require extra crew, with exception to business overview videos.  If we add a soundtrack to your video, you'll get to select the sound and see the actual cost for the rights to it. Music rights vary from $15 - $100 typically.

Your Next Step

Take a look at your content plan to see where you may be able to fit such videos into the mix and keep in mind the following tips:

  • Keep it short and sweet – The sweet spot for video length is generally between 45 and 60 seconds. However, keep in mind that if the content is compelling or if you’re doing a demo, it may need to be slightly longer.
  • Put a name on it – The video’s intro and outro need to have your company’s logo. We can create this for you. 
  • Give it personality –Infuse some brand and personality to make the video more engaging.
  • Address customer problems – Your video should address point points and provide info prospects need.
  • Be a guide- Include a call to action so the prospects can take the next step in your sales funnel.